Welcome to Mature Manga! Where discussion and analysis of manga and anime for adult audiences is the name of the game.

Seinen and josei material is often overlooked by many. Most manga and anime usually aimed at teenagers and younger audiences. There are so many fantastic stories for older audiences that some people may not have seen before. Many of them have incredible writing, themes and ideas and is what this website aims to explore.

About Mature Manga

Not only shall we explore adult manga and anime releases from the present decade, but also those from years gone by from the 80s and 90s. We will discuss how our favourite series have changed over time, together with changes in our society. How they’ve adapted, and also if they are still relevant today. Some of these have turned into massive franchises that have stood the test of time. Some also have many entries and new incarnations.

At Mature Manga we also intend to look into some of the many great creators and the stories they have created over the years. Some have had fascinating careers with both ups and downs. We will explore together what has made them successful and analyse the common themes in their works.

Take a look at the Spotlight section for in-depth analysis of different manga and anime with many of the things we have mentioned above. In the News section you can find out some of the latest information fresh from Japan, as well as new developments and releases.

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